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Good fat,
great flavor.

High quality cooking
and finishing grass-fed
butter bombs.

Prep less,
enjoy more.

Effortlessly elevate your home cooking one
butter bomb at a time.

Fat Coffee

Wake up with
butter froth goodness.

A pop up
dinner party

by invitation only.

Snag a spot in line

Butter isn‘t bad, y’all…

…and fat is our friend.


Too long have we feared fat. For decades, we’ve been marketed a low-fat diet as a “healthy” way to eat. This just isn’t the case. Fat is where the flavor is, so without fat, something else needs to be added to make things taste good. Most of the time, sugar is added, or artificial flavorings, or a combination of the two.

The reality is, fat is crucial to our overall health. But not just any fat will do.
Bon Fat is all about sourcing high quality, nutrient-dense, clean, grass-fed butter. Grass-fed butter is high in omega 3s, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, and it makes everything taste a helluva lot better.

Sweet Flavors

W/O refined sugar or
any sketchy ingredients.

A bomb for every bite.

bomb (n.): the perfect single-serving cube of nutritious fatty goodness, applied wherever and whenever you need more flavor in your life.

Butter Bombs

Single-serving compound butters that help you achieve different flavor profiles with ease.
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Coffee Bombs

Flavor your coffee w/o sketchy ingredients! No refined sugar, industrial oils, or artificial flavors.
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Our Products

Small batch, but big flavor.

When you start with high quality ingredients, there’s no need for artificial additives, flavorings, preservatives, or stabilizers. We don’t cut any corners with our sourcing, either. Everything is sourced locally and seasonally when possible, and only from trusted farms and purveyors.

With a little bit of production finesse, skill, and kitchen magic, we transform these incredible (edible) ingredients into the products that you know and love. No junk, no filler, no bullsh*t.

Just good, clean fats.

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