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Hi! We’re Rachel and Gavin, and we love fat.

But not just any ol’ fat— We like good fats with great flavor. We love fat so much we created an entire business around it.

More than that, we believe that people should cook at home (the majority of the time). It’s such an important skill to have, and it’s truly the healthiest meal option out there. When you cook at home, you have ultimate control over the ingredients used– and if we’ve learned anything about food over the past decade, it’s that ingredients are the most important thing when it comes to nutrition.

I’m not really sure when it became so normal to think cooking is a burden, but somehow in 2022 this is where we’re at. Of course we understand people are busy— shoot, we’re busy as hell! Not to mention coming up with with dinner ideas, then shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning is A LOT.

We wanted to making cooking at home easier and more flavorful. That’s why we created Bon Fat. Clean label cooking and finishing fats that effortlessly take your food to the next level. We hope Bon Fat helps you get back in the kitchen, cooking with loved ones, and enjoying it more than ever before because there’s nothing like a home cooked meal.

Have questions? Suggestions? Wanna nerd out about food, nutrition, butter, or all things fat and awesome? Email us :)

Questions we ask ourselves, and you ask us, too.

When do you ship?

We ship out orders on the first and third Monday of every month. Because of this, we encourage you to stock up on Bon Fat and order once a month! This saves on shipping costs and supplies, and gets us all into a nice rhythm. 

As long as you get your order in before the Saturday preceding a shipping day, they will be sent out on Monday!

Try out all of our flavors now, and pick out your favorites! Subscriptions will be coming soon :)

How will my order arrive?

We ship all of our orders frozen, in insulated packaging with dry ice. This ensures that they stay nice and frosty during transit, and arrive to you safely and in a timely manner. Because of the (absurdly high) costs of sustainable and biodegradable insulation, recycled corrugated boxes, and dry ice, we add the costs of these items into the shipping prices that you see at checkout.

How should I store my bombs?

If you plan on using your bombs right away, you can take them right out of the delivery box and pop them in your fridge– with the exception of the EVOO bombs, which will get rather soft if not kept frozen. We recommend that you keep the EVOO Bombs in the freezer, and pop them out of their tray as needed.

In your fridge, the Butter and COCO Bombs will stay nice and fresh for up to a month, but we recommend enjoying them within three weeks of placing them in the fridge to ensure minimal flavor degradation.

For longer term storage, keep your trays of bombs in the freezer for 4-6 months. Ideally, you will use them up before they begin to degrade!

What’s up with your packaging?

Our shipping packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable. The liners can be composted, burned, or melted in your sink under cool running water. There’s instructions on how to properly dispose of the plant-based insulation on the plastic sleeve surrounding the panels in the box.

The cardboard can be recycled normally, and any other paper or plastic packaging materials may also be recycled– however, some municipalities do not accept plastic bags or non-cardboard paper products in their recycling. We like to repurpose everything, so if you’re not thrilled about generating more garbage, and cannot recycle, we’re confident in your craftiness to give new life to your leftover packaging supplies :)

The bomb trays are fully recyclable, just give them a rinse and pop them in the bin. They are also extremely durable, and can be reused for a number of fun household and kitchen applications. However, please do not run these through the dishwasher, and if you’re reusing them for foody applications, do not put anything hot (above ~140ºF) into the trays, as they are not rated for temperatures that high.

The butter tub containers can also be reused, and these are dishwasher and heat safe!

Where does the butter even COME from?

All of our dairy is sourced from Ronnybrook Dairy Farm in Ancramdale, NY. We’ve found that they not only have the tastiest product available, but it is also the most consistent- which is key! All of their cows are grass-fed, pasture raised, and humanely cared for by a dedicated and passionate team of wonderful humans. Check out their site to learn more!

What about the rest of your ingredients?

We source only the highest quality ingredients that support and follow our brand’s ethics when it comes to food safety and integrity. During farming season, we source fruits and vegetables from local farms in the area. Off-season, we rely on our purveyors to source similar quality products from other parts of the United States. Baldor Boston has always been our go-to purveyor of specialty and uncommon foods. Check them out here!

When are you going to add more questions and information to this page?

Don’t worry. we have far more answers to provide. We’re just running out of time to do website things today, but shoot us an email if there’s something specific you’d like to know, and we will add it here for future reference! you can reach either of us at our respective emails: or
yes, we know, you’re at right now. We are still using our BK emails because, well, life.

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